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eLiMenCe, LMC

 Deliverer of raw, unrepentant art, eLiMenCe provides vigorous, ethereal word-play and choice beat production. Only listeners with a distinct sense of authenticity will relish in the textural production and the poetic, bravado demeanor of his verse.


stoneybertz, stoney bertz, stones, stoney b,

 A new perspective over some dope sounds.. 

DJ Prominent

dj prominent, prominent, lord prom, 365 beats, lord prominent, blast decibel, blast dec,

 Felix Otero aka Dj Prominent , is an Puerto Rican American turntablist.  Originally starting as an MC/ Producer around 1990- 91. The word Prominent in literal terms (important, projecting something, standing out) embodied my approach to MCing, Producing and eventually DJing .


Evolve, Evolve1980

Father,Husband, & MC .that's pretty much it. 


Bullhead*ded, Bullheadded

Underground's most infamous Hip-Hop Group!


PLSL, PalmLeafSkyLines

A beautiful lyrical mess.



Milogic (pronounced my-logic) is an acronym, which means M.ost I.ntelligent L.ife O.bservant G.ifted I.n C.yphers and he can fill up the volume of a space with his voice alone. The multifaceted musician manipulates the beats with the same care that he takes to craft his rhymes.

Ibe Hustles

Ibe Hustles

Hands down, one of Colorado’s illest MCs, rockin shows locally and abroad for over twelve years. His music reflects rawpoetics, painting visualizations with words. Ranging from his anti-political agenda to his people’s ( all one ) stories of poverty stricken life in the streets we all live on. He aims to raise awareness of social injustices and mental oppression through lyrics and beats. 




Che Bong

Che Bong

Che Bong a Hip-Hop soul artist with a knack for catchy hooks and introspective lyrics with psychedelic rock influence.. Besides a budding solo career, Che Bong is also a CO-founding member of "the most notorious group in the underground" Bullhead*ded 



   TMC! is a rapper from rural southeastern Colorado (Lamar CO) who now resides in Denver. His first release was 2016's "demo" during which time he was doing shows and working with artists in the colorado springs and pueblo hip hop scene. But the Clydesdale Entertainment affiliate has just released what he calls "his ode to southern Colorado" entitled "the 719 ep"

Tone ET

Tone ET

Marcel Montana, Tony Stanza, Swon Ranson, Starch Antin, Tone. I rap & make beats. DENVER