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TEQNiK G - Embedded


Artist: TEQNiK G

Album: Embedded

Release Date: November 16, 2019

Format: Compact Disc

Record Label: Not Just Entertainment / Blast Decibel

​Producer: DJ Prominent

Cuts: DJ Prominent

Mixing / Mastering: Fezzy Harper

01) Pimptro
02) Gram A Watt (Featuring Che Bong)
03) Earn Yo Paper (Featuring Black Pegasus)
04) Smokers And A Broken Dream
05) Unfamiliar Tunes
06) Click Clack (Featuring Ibe Hustles)
07) Don't Believe You
08) One Lousy Check A Week
09) Strugglin Artists (Featuring Elimence)
10) Destined For Greatness
11) Caught Up (The Rapture)
12) Past Mistakes
13) Outro
14) Famm Friday 2017