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TEQNiK G - Apparition In The SHadows

Apparition In The Shadows

Artist: TEQNiK G

Album: Apparition In The Shadows

Release Date: February 3, 2018

Format: Compact Disc

Record Label: Not Just Entertainment

​Producer: AATMA

1) Apparition In The Shadows

2) Thursday Morning

3) Live and Direct (Featuring Ibe Hustles)

4) Line Up

5) Love For This

6) Real Decisions (Featuring StoneyBertz)

7) My Heart (Featuring TMC)

8) Something For The Block (Featuring MILOGIC and Che Bong)

9) Smokin & Thinkin (Featuring eLiMenCe)

10) Hip Hop Poetic (Featuring Che Bong)

11) Still Strugglin (Featuring Evolve)

12) This Journey (Featuring Rozin Barz)

13) Never Died

14) No Competition​